This site is dedicated to provide college and university students, and mental health professionals with unbiased information

Really unbiased?
Actually no! This site is free from all outside funding sources, censorship or organizational demands.
It does actively promote the belief that students have a right to quality individualized care, and that academic instituations have an obligation to provide easily accessible, expert treatment to students.
These days, most information on mental health issues is distorted by the heavy marketing of specific approaches or the treatment limitations of institutions. Individuals have a right to know what is in their own best interest without encountering these obstacles.
 This site also promotes the concept of integrated treatment based on the biopsychosocial model. This model incorporates multiple factors that contribute to an individual's development, self-concept and functioning. All these factors; the biological, psychological and social have been shown to be important in the development of normal attitudes in life as well as possible emotional difficulties. It is easy, and far too common, when, whether doing research or studying disorders, to lose touch with the reality that just because one branch of research shows positive results, it does not mean that those particular factors are the predominant ones in the development of the disorder being studied. Thus, research indicating that a biological or genetic trait has been discovered, does not mean that a disorder is primarily due to a biological cause.
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For a seminal article on integrated treatment read: "The Fate of Integrated Treatment: Whatever Happened to the Biopsychosocial Psychiatrist" by Glen Gabbard and Jerald Kay. American Journal of Psychiatry 2001; 158: 1956-1963. Read also the importance of the social in psychiatry.
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