Student Mental Health

Promoting student centred emotional well-being
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What is "good" treatment? 

The 5 C's of Competent Psychotherapy

1) Confidence
2) Cohesion
3) Challenge
4) Consistency 
5) Compassion
 In the real world of clinical practice, individuals come for help with complex problems. They may have concerns about symptoms, but most often want to talk about important issues in their lives. The idea that DSM diagnoses and attention primarily to symptoms should be the main focus of therapy, does not reflect patients' actual needs, nor most therapists' actual practices.  People also respond in very individual manners to various interventions. For many people, focusing on underlying issues and life problems will lead to substantial symptom reduction, while in other's a more direct focus on symptom control may be necessary. There is no evience that focusing merely on symptom control produces significant sustained improvement in a person's general well-being.  Individualized mulit-modal approaches, integrating these 5 C's, would be recognized by most expert clinicians as constituting good practice. 
Mental Health Essentials
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What can I do about it?
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What is good treatment?